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In my proposal, the material of the work has strength and speaks for itself, the material is the basis of what I want to transmit or propose, ceramics itself as material, and the paint, are what are revealed in the work.

I am interested in the connection that exists between the origin of the earth and working with ceramics as a material in the sense that they are rock particles that I reshape with my hands, burn and propose a work.

 There is a mystery in the sense of what happens in the execution, of the gestures that remain in the piece of art, of the moment when it was made, of the accident, the brand, the sign, of the unexpected that happens while you are working with de materials.

I am interested in the connections that exist in nature, those vital connections, of the natural cycles of life and evolution, which in nature work perfectly. That energy of a nature that exists and pre-exists. I am interested in nature with its vital force, its cycles, its beauty, with the cycles in the sense of unity and the magic of life, the cycles of the regeneration of nature and the origin of creation, the origin of life.

I am attracted to the material, and that my work is based on painting as such, I am interested in that at the moment of painting the painting surprises me and from there my work emerges.

As an artist I try to experience the pleasure of painting and at the same time, reveal a mystery; the secret of the moment of painting and capture this in my pieces, I feel the action of working, is revealed in the work and become part of it. I am interested in the magic that the piece of art acquires as it become independent from the artist.


Macarena Salinas was born in Santiago, capital of Chile, a city surrounded by the Andes Mountais. Her love for nature was cultivated on her trips to the south and north of that country.

Her interest in art developed when she began to study Art at the Catholic University of Chile, where she had the honor of having national prize winners as professors.

She works and lives in Santiago and also in Miami, from where her works arise, influenced by the contrasts of living in those places.

The works that Macarena proposes to us are abstract works that connect us with the vital energy of nature and its cycles. She works with painting and in parallel with stoneware, with works connected with materiality and gesture.

She has exhibited in individual and group exhibitions both in Chile, France, the United States, Korea and Spain. Represented Chile in Biennials and Art Fairs and since 2019 she belongs to the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC).

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